Traditional Camp
vs. Sports Camp?

Families don’t have to choose between focused sports instruction and a traditional sleep away camp experience. Camp Winadu is the leader in camping because we provide the best of both worlds with a well-rounded program built upon our values of brotherhood, character-building, and compassion.

Unique Approach to Bunking

Home Sweet Home… Simply put at Camp Winadu, your bunk is your home. Our approach to bunking is unmatched. We place your son in the right bunk by getting to know him with director visits & parent collaboration. During the off season, directors visit every new camper to answer any of their questions to ensure they know and feel comfortable with the leadership team. Not every bunk is the same and we take a careful approach to staff member matching. We ensure that your child’s bunk feels like home.

Big Brother, Little Brother Program

Our Big Brother, Little Brother program pairs boys up to establish a special camaraderie between campers that helps our youngest feel at home before camp and within hours of stepping off the bus. Our older campers benefit by building their leadership skills! As they get older, Winadu Big Brothers and Little Brothers become lifelong friends.

Camper Progression

At Winadu, everyone knows each other, no matter a camper’s age. We are one camp. We eat our meals together and conduct several camp-wide events as one brotherhood. Although our campers vary in age and experience, we are very much one camp. What makes our program so unique is that Winadu grows with campers as they get older. This allows each year to bring something new and exciting, yet familiar. Whether your son will be a Brave or an Olympian, they’ll feel right at home at Winadu.

Grades 1st-3rd

Braves and Pioneers

Braves and Pioneers are breaking new ground. For some, Camp Winadu is their first time away from home, for others it’s another exciting adventure. Either way, the Teepee House is a great place to start camp. From the bunks to the fields, we make sure campers are met with the perfect mix of structure and freedom that will make their camp experience unforgettable.

  • Full exposure to all Winadu activities – lake to court
  • Camp “Big Brother” to guide through camp
  • Participation in recreational style leagues (basketball, soccer & baseball)
  • Divisional intercamps where everyone plays on even teams
  • Camp “Moms” and female counselors for each age group
  • Pool & lake ice cream socials with our sister camp

Grades 4th-5th


Campers in the Hornets age-group are buzzing with excitement. We foster this energy by providing activities and options that allow for more independence and choice. They participate in camp-wide activity days and build friendships with campers across age groups. With freedom comes responsibility, our counselors and coaches ensure a safe and healthy environment for all Hornets by providing superior guidance and attention to campers during this transitional stage of life.

  • Campers choice throughout the day
  • Socials with neighboring sister camp
  • Age-specific traditions and special days
  • Intercamps where everyone participates
  • Expanded daytrips off-camp throughout the Berkshires
  • Opportunity to participate in many sport and activity tournaments

Grades 6th-7th


Warriors are growing leaders in camp. They are given flexible schedules to allow for specialization in certain activities or exposure to many. Our coaches and counselors offer Warriors enhanced programming through expanded tournament opportunities and overnight camping trips. These experiences teach leadership and responsibility values to campers in a big way.

  • Full choice – ability to focus on activity of choice
  • Opportunity to play in Warrior flag football league
  • Camper choice of participation in basketball, baseball or soccer league
  • Off-camp evening activities – like movie nights, bowling and more
  • Frequent socials with neighboring sister camp
  • Participation in 3-day mini-sports week
  • Expanded tournament opportunities
  • Expanded overnight divisional trips

Grades 8th-9th

Olympians and Seniors

Olympians and Seniors are an integral part of Camp Winadu. As our most seasoned campers, they choose their own path. Olympians and Seniors are expected to provide leadership and friendship to younger campers through the Big Brother program and hold the most coveted spots in our most sacred traditions like the Color War.

  • Full choice programming
  • Big Brother program
  • Olympians have exclusive use of clubhouse for free time
  • Extensive out of camp daytrips and evening activity & overnight trips
  • Senior Lodge – where all campers can’t wait to live
  • Opportunity to participate in community service
  • Multi-day trip to Montreal with our sister camp
  • Late wake-ups/breakfast throughout the summer

The Winadu Circle

Here at Camp Winadu our values are embodied in what we call The Winadu Circle. Campers become part of The Winadu Circle by illustrating the following values. 

  • Spirit
  • Sportsmanship
  • Service
  • Table Manners
  • Cooperation
  • Campership

Nutrition and Wellness

Everyone eats as one family in the Winadu dining hall. Campers are served three delicious and nutritious meals buffet style. Campers love the grill where they choose from a wide array of favorites including chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, steak, and more. Pasta & Salad Bar complete every lunch & dinner. Fresh fruit and granola are available all day as an energy boost for our campers. Most importantly, we’re attentive to the nutritional needs, dietary restrictions & allergies of all campers.

“Thank you so much for your generous donation to FARE! This cause means so much to me and my family. And, the level of care you provide for my son during the summer is so appreciated. Thank you again!” D.M., New York, NY

Giving Back

We believe in working together to give back to our community as much as possible. One of our biggest initiatives is the Winadu Sports-a-Thon designed to raise funds for the Ethan H. Freed Winadu Scholarship Fund. This fund is an academic scholarship for members of the Winadu community who are in need of financial aid in order to achieve their educational goals. All donations go to our Academic fund and the whole Winadu community comes together in support of this worthy cause.

Winadu also gives back during our annual Thanksgiving Food Drive. Campers and their families “stuff the bus” with nonperishable food items at our Fall Reunion. During Summer, our campers participate in the Brown Bag Lunch program where our campers each make a lunch to feed the less fortunate families living in the Berkshires community.

  • During Sports-a-Thon, campers challenge themselves in relay races, obstacle course fun, and many team building sports and activities, earning support from sponsors, parents and alumni. All money raised helps a number of deserving former campers and staff members to defray the enormous cost of a college education.

  • During our Fall Reunion, campers “stuff the bus” with food donations for our Thanksgiving Food Drive. The Winadu bus delivers the donations to the Interfaith Food Pantry of the Oranges to support the Thanksgiving/Winter season.

  • Campers making brown bag lunches is just one of several ways our campers learn how to serve others. Each division makes hundreds of healthy brown bag lunches to be donated to Berkshire Food Pantry to support their summer season.

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